MRM Model M-50 Series

Pneumatic Cylinder

Product Details

Bore (mm)100 l 125 l 150 l 200 l 250 l 300 l 450
Piston Rod032 l 032 l 032 l 038 l 051 l 051 l 070
Stroke25mm to 1000 mm (Up to 2000mm)
SealsBuna – N / P.U. / Hi - Nitril (Viton on Request)
PressureUp to 12 kg/cm²
Temperature80°C / 100°C / 180°C Max.
TubeM.S. Tube (MS. Honed Tube with Hard Chrome Plated)
End CoverC.I.

Rod Eye Mounting with Hexagon Nut, Rod Clevis (FORK) Mounting with Hexagon Nut & Pin, Foot Bracket Mounting, Flange Mounting, Pivot Mounting (Rear Trunnion Mounting), Front / Rear Trunnion Mounting (FIXED), Front / Rear Fixed Trunnion On Top, Center Lug Mounting, Pivot Bracket & Pin Mounting, Center Trunnion Mounting, Center Trunnion Mounting (Adjustable / New Model)